Symplocos racemosa

English: Lodh Tree

Sanskrit/Indian: Lodhra

Russian: Лодхра

Symplocos racemosa

General information:

Lodh Tree bark has been traditionally used as an uterine tonic. Numerous references attest to its value in maintaining optimum health in women. Additionally, the tree and its formulations have been effective in controlling bleeding and digestive disorders.


Glycosides, isolated from the ethanolic extract of the stembark, are highly astringent and are reported to be responsible for the medicinal properties of the bark (Indian Medicinal Plants—An Illustrated Dictionary, C.P.Khare. 635. 2007).


  • Lodh Tree extracts are beneficial in treating gynecological conditions, like excessive menstrual flow and leukorrhea.
  • The extracts of the tree are used to treat digestive disorders like runny stools, diarrhea, dysentery and bloody stools.